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April 16, 2007

Author and former RIP Magazine Editor Lonn Friend debuts new weekly feature on The Hairball John Radio Show

As Editor of RIP Magazine from 1987 – 1994, Lonn Friend has volumes of stories to share from the Decade of Decadence that was eighties metal and he now brings those stories to The Hairball John Radio Show with the weekly feature “Tales From Planet Rock”. Each episode of “Tales From Planet Rock” will feature Lonn Friend relaying a treasured story from his numerous interviews and tours with some of Hard Rock’s biggest names.

“We are extremely honored to have Lonn joining our show,” says host Hairball John. “As huge fans of RIP magazine we have strived to create a radio show in the image of RIP with its musical diversity and in depth artist features. The slogan for our show is ‘the past is back to kick your ass’, and very few people bring that past back as vividly as Lonn Friend with his “Tales From Planet Rock”.

“John is an authentic fan of heavy music,” says Friend. “I entrust him with the proper dissemination of my torrid, timid, twisted tales. Planet Rock spins in his good space.”

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