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April 17, 2007

Now to news on brand new music. As promised, Suncity Records have continued to sign the best talent from the hard rock genre with the announcement of the signing of San Francisco superstars, Voyeur.


It would be my guess that only people in the local Bay Area as well as a hand full of die hard rock ‘n’ rollers will have ever heard of these guys, but let me tell you that every hard rock fan will know about them soon. I got the tip off on these guys many years back from a dear friend of mine and ever since that very day it was my mission to find this great band, Voyeur. Years rolled by and finally I got lucky! I managed to get a hold of them through an extensive Internet search (thank god for the net!).

Lucky enough, once contacted, Voyeur were a great bunch of guys that not only were overwhelmed that there was still interest out there for this kind of music but most importantly they were very keen on signing up with Suncity Records.

Voyeur are compiled together from various lesser known local Bay Area hair bands. Like most bands when starting off, Voyeur had dreams of world domination. Unfortunately Voyeur were just another late 80’s hard rock group with amazing talent that were continuously overlooked by major labels. In Voyeur’s short life, they played along side many great hard rock acts such as Flame, Vain, Murder Bay, Babylon A.D. and Mad Anthony. Naturally adopting a similar sound the their local band mates.

Check out the first single off the upcoming album “Spank, Or Be Spanked” here

We are all very glad to be able to pass on the good news that we have just released 3 new excellent CD’s. Those being Blackboard Jungle’s Welcome To the Blackboard Jungle, Pretty Vacant’s Walkin’ On A Tilt and Kidd Havok’s Roll The Dice, are now all available for $18.00 each and are available for purchase through the CD Orders link at

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