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April 20, 2007

Open letter to Taime and Greg

Dear Taime and Greg

I will try to keep this letter briefI have sent both of you email and messages through myspace inviting you both to join Original Members Eric Stacy, Brett Bradshaw and myself as Faster Pussycat to do a 20th anivesary tour one last time.

I have not received a response from either of you so I will ask you both to consider joining us. Will you??You have a open invitation to join with us.

I want to add that yes I was very upset and hurt that neither of you contacted me when I was going through a really rough time in my life with cancer. If either of you guys had any kind of life threatening illness, I would be there for you.

I believe that both of you were a very important part of Faster Pussycat and it would be nice if someday we could all play together. I’m sure most of the fans would love it as well..

That being said Todd and Kurt are huge fans of both of you and are thrilled to being filling very large shoes!!!

If you decide that you don’t won’t to rejoin you are both invited to come up and jam anytime you want..I’m sure you will be impressed with both Todd and Kurt as I am.They are some of the best and most talented musicians I have ever played with.

I love you and wish good health to you both.

Brent Muscat


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