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April 24, 2007

Versailles Records is using the song “B.O.N.E.” from the Oneida NY band LoveBone for a new compilation album in the works, Strip Club Rock Vol. I/II, which seeks to celebrate the storied union of Sex and Rock & Roll by featuring blues, rock, pop rock, metal, industrial rock, rap-rock, and any and all relevant sub-genres which routinely and traditionally have been the soundtrack to topless rocking! The album will also feature current/former members of many of hard rock’s loudest and most debaucherous bands! The album will be in stores Fall, 2007. (

Formed in Oneida NY, July 2002, the name LoveBone did not just pop up. It came from a Poison song “I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine” from the “Power To The People” cd. While rehearsing, writing, and performing, they developed a loyal following inspired by the groups interpretation of the music of the old school, 70’s/80’s, Dirty Hard Rock/Metal /Glam. Strong critical acclaim and highly positive reviews came from all over the world following the cd release of “The Bare Bones Demo”, recorded at Evolutions Studios, Utica NY, co- produced by Tony Touris.

LoveBone’s unique sound and addictive pulse is up and running harder than ever. Always dedicated to a sound that makes you rock – hard, all night long.

Chuck Heath: Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
Roy Coston: Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Keith Carroll: Drums & Backing Vocals

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