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April 26, 2007

Steve has scheduled a tour of Europe for this June-July, and the USA in Sept-Oct. Steve is putting a new band together and in addition to private invite-only auditions, Steve will be holding open auditions on May 2nd and 3rd from 5pm – 10pm in Los Angeles.

At this time Steve is looking for…

1. An amazing bass player.
2. A monstrous electric violin player that can double on either keyboards, guitar or a horn of sorts.

We aren’t necessarily looking for a virtuoso keyboard player, but are looking for exceptional violin and bass players. Steve is also not opposed to hearing anyone that has an extraordinary talent on any instrument.

The music for the tour will be a selection of stuff from Steve’s catalog. Some of the music is very simple and some of it very challenging. The main quality needed is confidence.

If you are a bass player or violin player and are interested, please visit our open auditions page for more information. Please read instructions carefully.

Thanks for your consideration.

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