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May 5, 2007

Kevin DuBrow on the Randy Rhoads Film Project: “THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH.”

As anyone who really knows me will tell you, I adored Randy Rhoads. In my life Randy Rhoads and Frankie Banali have been my 2 dearest friends. Friendship means everything to me and I take it very, very seriously. If not for the start that Randy gave me I would not enjoy the career that still supports me well to this day. I miss his hilarious personality and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I would have loved to have be involved in a accurate film about Randy who is still my favorite guitar player and best friend.

When Dakota films director Peter Margolis called me to be involved in the proposed Randy Rhoads documentary I was hesitant to say the least. With a recent book full on inaccuracies based on the authors opinions rather than facts about Randy was released, I was apprehensive at best. I relayed to him that my biggest concern was for the film to be totally about Randy and not about others trying promote a book or new album and their own personal agendas at the expense of associations with Randy be it real, fabricated or imagined. Unlike others involved and contrary to what some may believe, I have no ulterior motives.

Peter assured me that this would not be the case. I told him that I have arguably the most accurate and complete memory from those years and would be willing to provide him with any and all of the massive amount of archival material in my possession which is extensive.

After being advised to do some careful investigation on my part, a few days later I realized that this film and some of it’s participants indeed had their own over riding priorities and Randy would not be represented as accurately or in many ways in a truthful manner. Then and only then did I decide to bow out.

The recent article from Guitar World titled “Randy Rhoads gets the Shaft” and the Blabbermouth post titled “Randy Rhoads dissed by former band mate” is when I truly realized that my sources were accurate in how this film would be handled. In all the five years that I played with Randy we never once had an argument and spent many hours playing around in the Hollywood area. In a million years I would not have a negative thing to say about Randy. He was the greatest guitarist I ever knew and worked with and one of the two most beautiful people I have had the privilege to share both my personal and musical life with.

Below please find the original letter that I sent Peter Margolis via e-mail:

To: Mr. Peter Margolis/Dakota Pictures
Please accept this e-mail as my formal notice to decline your kind offer to participate in your planned film project “Randy Rhoads Documentary” that you previously approached me about.
It is my continued devotion and affection for the memory of Randy Rhoads and our time together that dictates that I keep those memories and feelings private so that they are not misconstrued as an attempt to monopolize on either Randy’s life or his untimely passing.
I will continue to hold Randy’s memory dear and private as always. I wish you much success in this worthwhile endeavor. Do Randy’s memory, family and legacy proud.
Kevin DuBrow

While I do wish them success with the film, my protective feelings for the memory of Randy will not allow me to be a part in this in any manner.

With no disrespect intended to all involved, wouldn’t it be a fitting tribute to the memory and greatness that still is Randy Rhoads for the film makers and everyone involved to decree that all the proceeds and profits from this film after legitimate non-inflated artists or production cost be designated as a gift to a charity chosen by the Rhoads family? Or perhaps that profits from the film be contributed to a Randy Rhoads music scholarship? What a fitting and selfless tribute that would truly be! I guess I can dream, can’t I……….?

Kevin DuBrow

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