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May 6, 2007

Wrathchild vocalist Rocky Shades recently posted the following message on his official Myspace page (

Hey pretty people everywhere, the new Wrathchild is called “R.S.W” (Rocky Shades Wrathchild), geddit? I am currently in rehearsals getting it gig ready and when it is…be prepared for the titan of trash’s big return. You will be treated to many much improved Wrathchild classics plus some of our own stuff and maybe some glam party covers just to totally piss you off. In short, entertainment don’t come much better than this.

We will play every goddamn nook and cranny available in the UK and Europe even if its your front room and there won’t be a solitary soul alie that won’t have heard of us when we have finished the pilgramage.

I would also like to thank the miriads of musicians that contacted me for a place in this legend to be, I have all of your names on file and if any further vacancies should arrive in the near future I’ll give ya a ring.

Bye for now
Rocky Shades

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