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May 8, 2007

A new exciting artistic union is born in the melodic rock world!

Former VALENTINE and OPEN SKYZ frontman, Hugo and Josh Ramos, ex THE STORM and current guitar player in HARDLINE, have decided to put together their talents in a forthcoming album which is taking shape in an LA studio!

Both artists have been knowing and respecting each other for a long time and when the opportunity came about Hugo was very excited to answer the call from Josh!

The tracks of the upcoming album have been already laid down and recorded and at the moment Hugo is working on lyrics and melodies to complete his involvement on this new project together.

Ramos and Hugo hope to finish all the production of the new album within the summer of 2007 and Frontiers Records hopes to release this new cd within the end of the year. The fans can expect a killer Melodic Rock release in the Hardline meets Journey /The Storm vein!

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