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May 9, 2007

Former Asphalt Ballet frontman Gary Jeffries posted the following on his Myspace page (

Hey how ya all doin? I finally get in the studio, startin May 20th. It’s a beautiful 24 track analog studio in downtown Dayton Ohio. Its called Cybertechnics. Very cool place.

I’ve been in Ohio writing songs for a couple years or so now and finally get the chance to go back in. I really think this will be my best cd yet. It has flavors of Asphalt Ballet, Grouchy Rooster, Alligator Stew and now finally I get to go back and make one hell of a cd. I have a great band behind me and am bringing in extra instruments to make it exactly what I hear.

I hope to have this cd out by the second week of Aug. Say a prayer for me and lets get ready to kick some butt! I was just excited and had to let you know.
Peace! Gary

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