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May 9, 2007

Naked Beggars vocalist Inga Brittingham has commented on the recent firing of Cinderella’s Jeff LaBar.

I wanted to share our past few weeks w/ family, friends, and fans. Recently I know you may have heard some strange things about why we decided to part ways w/ Jeff LaBar. I wanted to clear up any confusion. Yes, the day that it went down, Jeff and Eric got into a little fight. This however, had nothing to do with the fact that I decided to let Jeff go. Please do not let this parting leave you with any distaste for neither Jeff nor Eric. We were all like family. And I still love Jeff. However, it was definitely time for us to move on. And even when Cinderella decides to tour, Naked Beggars will continue to tour. We are excited for our 3rd album, “XXX”, to be released hopefully by the end of the summer.

And we wish Jeff all the best! And of course, much success for Jeff and Debby’s radio show! I will always say, he’s definitely not boring!!

And by the way, since we have been playing as a 4 piece, we realized what a commodity Kris has been to the band. He has grown as a guitar player and writer by leaps and bounds. This is also partly due to having Jeff in the band!

Thanks, Jeff!

And thank you to everyone! Hope to see everyone this summer!!! We will be ready to hit the road hard!

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