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May 11, 2007

Spinal Tap want Ricky Gervais to appear with them at this summer’s Live Earth concert, it has been claimed.

The legendary film director “Marty DeBergi” (aka Rob Reiner), who helmed the infamous original movie rockumentary about the iconic rock band, revealed the news on U.K. radio this week.

Speaking as the group prepare for their long-awaited return to the live stage, DeBergi said David St. Hubbins, Nigel Tufnel, and Derek Smalls were planning some surprises.

“I think they’re gonna do ‘Stonehenge’ and ‘Big Bottom’ and then we’re gonna do the new number ‘Warmer Than Hell,'” he explained.

“They always have some ‘interesting’ stage craft, so one way to look at it is a disaster waiting to happen.”

DeBergi also told Britain’s XFM of the plan to get famed British comic Gervais, of The Office and Extras fame, involved in the gig, which takes place on July 7 at Wembley Stadium.

“I’m hoping that Ricky Gervais is gonna be there. We’re trying to convince him right now, but Marti DeBergi is definitely going to introduce Spinal Tap,” he said.

London’s Live Earth, which features Spinal Tap, Madonna, Genesis, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keane, and many others, is one of seven global gigs taking place to raise awareness of climate change.

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