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May 16, 2007

This is Brian Roxxy from CRY ENVY. I just wanted to take the time to e-mail everyone, that has either signed up on any number of places and or has already been in touch with us.

Welcome to the Sickness that is CRY ENVY as we like to say hahahaha, and hopefully you are spreading it to as many as you can..

Well for those of you who do not know where you can see more of us here are a couple of sites: &

From there you can also sign onto our personal sites as well. Catch up on stuff and talk with us.

Currently we are finishing up our 2nd CD, we’ve had a few set backs but still hope to have it done and ready for sale through our sites as well as on Itunes and a few other sites.The first CD “NEVER SAY PLEASE” is still available by contacting us directly. On the Myspace site in the Blog section we currently have a LIVE (from the sound board) CD available for $10.00 it has 10 songs on it a few from the 1st CD and some of the new ones. See the set list on the blog for exact listings.

I can tell you that the new CD is coming out unbelievable. The tracks just rock!..

Current tracks on the new as of yet untitled disc are the following.”Welcome to my house”, “She leaves the lights on”, “Up to no good”, “It’s all about you”, “Outlaw”, “How Could I”, “You on me”, “Get a little naughty”, “Nothing I can do”, Friends under cover kissing”…. Two others yet to be determined. It is getting tough to pick as we have a back log of songs. If we had the money to record everything we’d release a few CD. But this will have to do for this year.. We still hope to make our end of JUNE deadline. keep your fingers crossed. Oh yeah JEFF NORTHRUP Rocks!!! check out his new CD.. He is the mastermind behind the controls on our new Disc. (Note: you can hear ROUGH Unfinished tracks on the myspace site… just a little hint of whats to come).

Specials that we are currently running on our myspace site is, we have STREET TEAMS located in a number of States and Canada. We are looking for more street teams throughout the states and WORLD!!! are you game to run one… All it takes is a little bit of your time. We are offering first of all to the 1st STREET Team to reach 2,500 friends (none repeating, for the most part) a Gift box of CRY ENVY Goodies from our CRY ENVY Store located on our website. Then from that point on we will have monthly drawings for all our street team leaders. For gift boxes to be sent to you, if you are the chosen monthly winner. Also other extra treat’s when we come to your neck of the woods to play… We’ll get you in to the show as our Guest! … Spots are limited so contact us soon.

So what is the street team? All we ask from you is that you concentrate on the area you represent Say for instance on myspace you are from Japan and then you would become CRY ENVY JAPAN Street Team. and so on and so forth…. Then you just get as many friends from that area as possibly. Easy huh?… well what are you waiting for? Get on our myspace and contact me (Brian Roxxy or our NORCAL CRYENVY STREET TEAM – Leader) she let you know the details and you can see what the sites can look like. She is excluded from the main contest. But we take care of her. 🙂

So I just want to say we appreciate all your support, from all over the globe and we’re glad you guys are digging the tunes.. It only gets better from here. So from Ziggy, C.C., Linus and myself. Keep the Rock Hard and the Groove Sleazy.. Well catch you later this year!

Feel free to e-mail me back. Just make sure the header says something about CRY ENVY so it doesn’t get deleted as junk mail.

Brian Roxxy

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