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May 18, 2007

Our new CD “PEACE BREAKER” is available MAY 22 through the internet!!!

Skew Siskin - Peace Breaker

For those of you who cannot wait until it’s in the stores, you can pre-order it through EMP. Or in 2 weeks from now at CD BABY. Of course for all of you fans in France, the CD will be available at all of the shows!!

The tour with Motorhead starts May 21. (see Tour Dates here)


01. Metal In Your Face — Hear the song at MYSPACE. Click here
02. We’re An Institution
03. Ridin’ With The Devil
04. Trouble Shooter
05. Hit You Harder
06. Who The Hell Are You (special guest on guitar: Wolf Hoffmann [Accept])
07. War, Fire, Guns & Blood
08. I Wanna Be Me
09. Eva Braun Is Back In Town
10. I Don’t Care (special guest on guitar: Ivan Kral [Iggy Pop/Patti Smith])
11. Loser
12. Can’t Hear You
13. Shoot The Rats

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