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May 23, 2007

LILLIAN AXE has had the release date of its first new studio album in nearly fifteen years (and first for the Metro City Records label), titled “Waters Rising”, pushed back to July 17 from the previously announced June 19. The CD’s title cut is now available for streaming at this location (it’s the second song in the audio player).

Opening for the likes of RATT, POISON, QUEENSRYCHE, KROKUS, STRYPER and LITA FORD, working with some of rock’s most respected producers and scoring several “Headbanger’s Ball”-approved video clips, LILLIAN AXE — which is now comprised of Derrick LeFevre (lead vocals), Steve Blaze (lead guitars/vocals), Sam Poitevent (guitars/vocals), Eric Morris (bass), and Ken Koudelka (drums) — certainly carved (or perhaps more appropriately, chopped) a niche for themselves with metalheads worldwide during the ’80s and ’90s.

“We have spent the last three years getting this record done, in four different locations, and we have gone through a complete metamorphosis mentally and physically,” explains Blaze. “It’s a different environment in the music industry these days yet the spirit and soul in creating music has stayed the same in the LILLIAN AXE camp. My engineer, Rob Hovey, and I spent many hours experimenting with different approaches to this record, but it always came back to the same formula: do what we do, period.”

Blaze also offered some insight regarding several favorite individual tracks from “Waters Rising”. “The song ‘Quarantine’ deals with germaphobia — I suffer from this condition. I deal sometimes with the ‘dirtiness’ of the world by living in a very clean, pristine, and organized environment. ‘The 2nd of May’ speaks of child disappearance and the theories behind the inability to find so many missing people. ‘Field of Yesterday’ would be LILLIAN AXE’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The one song that encompasses the pieces sonically and emotionally that are the quintessential elements of that group. It is about eight minutes long and has a mid-section which capsulates the history of man’s existence in an ethereal interlude which soars and then slams back to reality. ‘5’ is an instrumental in which I used about 80 guitar tracks. I attempted to touch on many different aspects of the instrument from arpeggios to clean picking to orchestration to heavy blues riffs to speed riffing to manipulation feedback. It took a while, as I wrote it as we recorded it, but the fanatic end result was just what I intended.”

Originally formed in 1983, the New Orleans-based group soon caught the attention of RATT manager Marshall Berle and MCA Records, leading to the release of the group’s self-titled 1988 release (produced by late RATT guitarist Robbin Crosby), 1989’s “Love and War” (produced by Tony Platt, who previously worked with AC/DC), 1991’s “Out of the Darkness into the Light”, 1992’s “Poetic Justice”, and 1993’s “Psycho-Schizophrenia” (the last two of which were produced by Leif Mases, who previously worked with LED ZEPPELIN). Additionally, such LILLIAN AXE tracks as “Dream of a Lifetime”, “Show a Little Love”, “True Believer”, and a cover of BADFINGER’s “No Matter What” received attention from rock radio and MTV.

By the middle of the ’90s, LILLIAN AXE opted to take a break, although a collection of previously unreleased material was issued in 1999, “Fields of Yesterday”. With metal once more ruling the charts and the airwaves by the early 21st century, LILLIAN AXE was back in business with live shows, resulting in the release of their first-ever live album, “Live 2002”, recorded in Houston, Texas. Roadwork has continued for the band — including playing to 27,000 fans at Germany’s Bang Your Head Festival in 2004, as well as an extensive European tour a year later. With new singer LeFevre recently replacing longtime frontman Ron Taylor, “Waters Rising” sees a whole new metallic chapter unfolding for LILLIAN AXE.

“This album has been conceptually in the works for years,” explained Blaze. “‘Waters Rising’ represents the boiling point factor, that life seems to be a tumultuous ride always on the brink of explosion. These recent times on this planet seem to be proving this point. However, in each individual is the point where you reconcile this within your spirit and peace takes over allowing you to cope more effectively. The songs on this record cover the different ways that we deal with this factor and the fact that everyone is trying to make sense of it.”

“Waters Rising” track listing:

01. Waters Rising
02. Antarctica
03. Become A Monster
04. Quarantine
05. I Have to Die, Goodbye
06. Fear of Time
07. Until the End of the World
08. Fields of Yesterday
09. Thirst
10. The 2nd of May
11. Deep in the Black
12. 5

The first tour dates ate:
May 25, Fire, Jackson, MS
May 26, Click’s, Baton Rouge
July 20, House Of Blues Paris Room, New Orleans, LA

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