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May 23, 2007

Rocker Slash has confirmed reports he visited his former Guns N’ Roses bandmate Axl Rose after initially denying the rumors. The Velvet Revolver guitarist has been a constant critic of singer Rose, and scoffed at stories suggesting he had attempted to reconnect with his former pal.

But, in a new interview with New Jersey’s Home News Tribune, Slash admits he did visit Rose’s home in 2005 in an effort to call a truce following a series of band-related legal battles.

Rose used the visit against the guitarist, revealing publicly that Slash showed up on his doorstep and made scathing remarks about his bandmates in Velvet Revolver.

But Slash has spent two years denying the story.

In the new interview, Slash admits he did indeed pay Rose a visit – but insists the rest of the story is nonsense.

He states, “I actually did go to Axl’s house at one point, but I never saw him. I never talked to him. I left a note with his person over there having to do with the lawsuit that we were in. I don’t know how it got turned into what it got turned into.”

Slash admits the comments from Rose’s camp did cause problems for his Velvet Revolver bandmates: “It was actually pretty detrimental at one point because it just got to be so overwhelming we couldn’t seem to escape it.”

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