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May 25, 2007

Put a superstar, mega-platinum hot rocker, into a Los Angeles mansion with 25 single women and what do you get? A HUGE rock and roll love fest party! BRET MICHAELS, superstar lead singer of the band POISON, is set to play with this bevy of beauties in a 10-part reality series premiering in July on VH-1 in July called “Rock Of Love With Bret Michaels.”

The hard-rockin’ Poison front man is looking for a woman who can truly keep up with his rock-n-roll lifestyle and not become jealous of his one true passion – performing which has been the reason for and destruction of most of his relationships. As VH1’s hottest eligible bachelor, a bevy of beauties will vie to win his heart.

“It’s some of the most entertaining TV you’ll ever watch, I was entertained!” Bret Michaels said of the 10-part series. With beauties battling it out in the house and at the many competitions, Bret says “You know how Dr. Phil kind of solves some of the problems on his TV show? Well in handling some of these brawls in the house I became Dr. Phil-thy!”

Producers for the show state “this is by far the wildest show we have ever done. We knew that we wanted Bret for this show. He is an newly single, legendary rocker who has seen it all, sold over 25 million records and has never been exposed in the reality tv world. We were looking to show all sides of Bret and we knew that we were in for a wild ride but we never expected it to be this insane. In fact there is so much good footage, the world premiere (July 15th ) is no longer an hour but an hour and a half. This reality series showcases everything from, full contact lingerie mud football, super cross wrecks, tattoos, nakedness, Harley’s and of course babes. There are full on fist fights and nervous breakdowns to boot. There are wild dates and even a history making moment in the studio as Bret makes his solo record and uses human body parts to produce sounds. The lifelong diabetic even had some bouts with his diabetes throughout the show, one which nearly sent him into insulin shock. Michaels will take this reality show to a whole new level.

With twenty years of continuous multi-platinum success, sold-out tours and a couple of high-profile relationships that never led to the altar, Michaels is ready to wear his heart on his sleeve. The series will focus on the never-before-revealed private side of Michaels. So just what does it take to win Mr. Michael’s heart? “She had to be cool with my lifestyle. Knows I’m gonna be on the road a lot. Someone who is sexy and funny and smart. Basically it was pretty simple.”

In addition, this hard working front man is primed for the release of Poison’s new studio album, Poison’d!, set to drop on June 5th by EMI America Records/Capitol. Poison, the band that has sold more than 25 million records and DVDs worldwide, again features its original line-up of Michaels (vocals), C.C. DeVille (guitar), Rikki Rockett (drums) and Bobby Dall (bass). Poison will hit more than 50 U.S. cities this summer on their Poison’d! nationwide tour with RATT and special guest WHITE LION joining Poison for most of the dates.

Michaels is also doing exclusive after-show parties while on the road with Poison.

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