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May 31, 2007


Coming soon to a TV near you will be the weekly 30-minute metal program, ‘Rocknation.’Put together by the Perris Records label, the program will air weekly Saturday night atmidnight, and will feature only the best metal videos – of artists from other labels as wellas on Perris. The show will be made available on both Time Warner and Comcast,The Show will be viewed online worldwide also at

You can preview the TV commercials by clicking on links below

Commercial for Adrenaline Factor –
Commercial for Stampede Queen –
Commercial for 3 Legged Dogg –
Commercial for Demon Angels –

Cities confirmed thus far to carry ‘Rocknation’ include Houston, SanAntonio, Austin, Tyler, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, and Omaha, with moreto soon follow. The first artist to be featured on ‘Rocknation’ willbe none other than the legendary voice of Judas Priest, Rob Halford,also 3 Legged Dogg (which features members of Black Sabbath/Heavenand Hell, Dio, David Lee Roth, and Quiet Riot) and Lamb Of God, Nickleback,Megadeth, Shadows Fall, Triump, Machinehead – with others to soon be confirmed as well.

In addition to the TV program, ‘Rocknation’ is also a metal newspaper,which features both artists from the label as well as other notablenames – including Halford, Slash, AC/DC, and Megadeth. Thus far, twoissues have hit the streets, with the inaugural issue currentlyviewable at the Rocknation website.Issue 3 includes interviews with Machine Head, Chimaira, Lamb Of God, Lit, and Triump.

“I am very excited about the launch of Rocknation,” says Perrishead/Rocknation founder Tom Mathers. “I believe that Rocknation willbring rock back into the mainstream, and will give bands a medium topromote their music nationwide.” Rocknation will be sellingadvertising locally and nationally on the TV show.

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