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June 10, 2007

Are we done yet?

Well the good news is; we are!!! We have a record ladies and gentlemen!We’re just in the studio having put the track listing together after a couple of months of intense studio work.

We feel very happy about the feedback for the single (that went straight up to No.1 on the Finnish charts once it was released)! It will be released in the rest of Europe and Japan on the 21st of June.

For the technically minded people (there’s been quite a few questions about equipment etc), we’ve been putting down all the bed tracks in the same room together with Lacu with Michael doing a guide vocal at the same time. Some guitars and most of AC’s basses have been kept from the bed tracks in order to keep the live feel. The rest has been overdubbed afterwards. Mainly Marshall amps ( +Fender and Gibson amps) have been used by Conny and Andy and AC’s used his Ampeg bass rig. No editing has been done with the drums, Lacu played everything from beginning to end the way it comes out on the record. Lacu’s been using his Pearl live kit. The guitar stuff’s shared between Andy and Conny and there’s sax and harp solos by Michael too. Addtitional instruments have been added to give the record more colour but that’s for us to know and for you to find out.

We admit we’ve been pretty shite with updating this blog etc but the most important thing for us is (and has always been) the music and the proof is now in the pudding.

Anyone fancy a bite?

// Hanoi Rocks

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