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June 11, 2007

The dedication of Guns ‘N Roses gig last night to former AC/DC singer and Fremantle’s favourite son Bon Scott added just a little more enthusiasm to a pot which was already well and truly bubbling with anticipation.

Perth played host to the opening show of the Gunners’ first Australian tour in almost 15 years and for most fans it would have been their first live look at the band.

Old mates Rose Tattoo and former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach took the stage first and did what they do best – rock.

When he finally took to the stage, Axl Rose showed that although he might not be so thin and these days sports cornrows, there is still something totally charismatic and even enigmatic about the 45-year-old Guns N’ Roses singer.

This really was his show and from the first song he prowled, he danced and held the crowd in his hand all night.

GNR roared through Appetite for Destruction including the rock sentinels Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child of Mine, two songs with the most teasing guitar riffs of all time.

Axl was let down by the mix, which left his vocals only just audible in places. But when the music was finally turned down for songs like Patience, November Rain (featuring Axl on piano) and the cover-made-his-own, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door you could actually hear his voice.

It was a spirited show, but I couldn’t help but wish I’d seen Guns N’ Roses in their original line-up heyday in some seedy LA dive. It would have been chaotic magic.

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