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June 11, 2007

…Quiet Riot, L.A. Guns, Rhino bucket, Faster Pussycat, Ratt (Steven Pearcy is back with the band), and others are coming to Tawn’s rescue. I know we can put this all together to get Tawn a liver transplant and to help others with Hep C.

Tawn Mastrey/needs YOUR help

My sister Tawn Mastrey is a veteran and Icon in the music industry. She has been a rock/heavy metal radio disc jockey since 1972. (To find out more about her see her profile http down below). She’s interviewed almost every rock star helping to launch their careers. Tawn has always gone out of her way for others, and is uncomfortable asking anything back for herself. She has been a rock for me in my life and is always there for her family, friends, musicians, and animals, and the stranger on the street.

Tawn is now fighting to stay alive. She suffers from Hepatitis C. and is in need of a liver. She has recently quit her job at Sirius radio due to her health.

I have taken upon myself to do a major fundraising charity concert for Tawn’s operation, in conjunction with the American Transplant Foundation. The headliner has yet been decided. We also have plans to help many others who suffer from Hepatitis C.

I am asking for your prayers and for anyone who would like to be involved with the concert, either to perform, or anything else you think would be of help to her, please contact me through my myspace.

A web site will be set up soon for donations. Until then, if anyone would like to donate to her cause, again please contact me. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the American Transplant Foundation to raise awareness for donors. Tawn has been filming a documentation of her experience dealing with the disease.

Time is of the essence.

Please spread the word… bulletin this out to your friends.
Thank you!
Love you all
Cara Mastrey

ps. I’m handling her space as of now and is still under construction. She has a drawers full of personal photos and reel to reel interviews of your favorite rock stars that I am in the process of going through to add to her profile.

Tawn Mastrey
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