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June 15, 2007

The RATT “Back for More” 2007 Tour began with a great first show in N.M., then the Poison/RATT show last night.Good to see Brett, Bobby, C.C. and Rikki.It’s been awhile since we(Ratt and Poison) had a full blown tour together. That was 1987.Poison’s got a good show. They’re kickin ass and ready, sounding great. It’s gonna be a kick ass party! Pleasure guys!

Were (RATT) getting the machine movin’. Whole new breed of RATT here, getting back to basics.On this tour were going to play a variety of songs. We didn’t want to do the same set every night.So by the end of the tour, hopefully we would have played the un expected. Not just the songs expected.We have a meaner machine and having good time. Nitro instead of gasoline!

There’s so many songs we haven’t played in years and songs never played from the catalog.Were doing “Dangerous but worth the Risk”, “Closer to my heart”, “Sweet Cheater”, Nobody Rides”,”Over the Edge”, “City to City”, maybe you’ll hear “Giving yourself Away”, “Dance”, or “I Want a Woman”.It’s only Ratt n Roll!

The new “Ratt DVD” Video compilation and “Best of CD” is coming out soon that includes an un released song from the “Reach” sessions, “No one can stop you Now” that we might end up playing on this tour.Warren and I are out here with a digital studio, plenty of guitars and are going to get working on new music.Maybe we’ll have enough ideas to get into the studio end of year.The band intends to stay out after the Poison tour and finish some U.S. dates, then do some International dates.

We also have the Evan Knoll owned, Clay Millican driven, “Torco Racing Fuels/Skull Gear/Ratt” Top Fuel dragster out there.Check for events, web links and appearances. The band and I will be making as many appearances at the races as we can to support the team.

A big Thank You to Evan Knoll, Latrell, Clay (kick some ass! Millican) and everyone on the team, Dan “Danno”. See ya at the races!

It’s the year of the RATT, just (20) years later.

“Ratt n Roll” with “Evan Knoll”!

Thankx to all the hard core RATT/SEP and Top Fuel Racing Fans!


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