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June 15, 2007

Former Johnny Crash and Tokyo Blade vocalist Vick Wright, who was recently interviewed at Sleaze Roxx, has released his very first novel entitled South Of The Pole. Purchase info, and the first ten pages of the book are available at

Strip club DJ, Harry Bingham, often wondered what made good people do bad things. Running the stages, coaxing dollars from customers like a circus master in some demented orgy of money, sleaze and debauchery with his trusty mic. Harry could have usually satisfied this question in one simple line – never date a stripper!

In Harry’s case, he broke the cardinal rule with the new girl at Poppa Cherry’s, Kelly Young.

As Harry finds himself racing across the Nevada Desert, hoping not to wind up buried in it…with Kelly at his side, packing a .45 – he knew there was more to it than that…

He should have never gone back after his boss, Reno, gave him the boot.

After breaking into the club earlier that night, Harry found more than his beloved CD collection… He found the unsettling answer to his question…

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