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June 23, 2007

‘Paul Stanley – Live To Dream’

Director D.P Carlson has finished his companion film to Paul’s upcoming Concert film DVD. ‘Paul Stanley – Live To Dream!’ is a behind the scenes documentary featurette which Carlson describes as, ‘an insider’s glimpse’ into Paul Stanley’s creativity, and personal journey from his first solo album in 1978, to his latest ‘Live To Win’ release and Tour. The film also captures the emotional and creative process of how Producer/Director Louis Antonelli’s concert film, ‘Paul Stanley – Live To Win Live!’ came to be.

‘Paul Stanley – Live To Dream!’ features interviews with Paul Stanley, Louis Antonelli, Manager DOC McGHEE, band members JIMMY McGORMAN, RAFAEL MOREIRA, and NATE MORTON, as well as personal insights from fans attending the Chicago concert & filming. D.P. Carlson told, “What attracted me to this film was not just the opportunity to work with one of my rock heroes from KISS, but to explore the unique relationship between filmmaker Louis Antonelli and Paul Stanley – who is one of Louis’ childhood idols.”

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