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July 2, 2007

Liberty N’ Justice’s 7th studio album, “Independence Day”, is now finished and been sent out for mastering. “I-Day” is LNJ’s third all-star CD and their first full production acoustic rock record. At this time they are proud to announce the last three singers for the last two songs. “Solider” features the duet pairingof Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger/ ScrapMetal) and Mark Slaughter (Slaughter/ ScrapMetal) and features members of SinkingIn on this killer rock track. The last song marks the return of another LNJ “Soundtrack Of A Soul” alumni, Pete Loran (Trixter) as he handles vocal duties on the song “Phoenix”. The song all so features guest guitarist appearance by Jack Frost (Seven Witches) and background vocals by Dale Toth.

The complete track listing is below….

1. Doubting Thomas (John Corabi of x-Motley Crue/Ratt/Union)
2. Monkey Dance (Jack Russell of Great White)
3. Soldier (Kelly Keagey of Night Ranger & Mark Slaughter of Slaughter)
4. My Sacrifice (Shawn Pelata of Line Of Fire)
5. Phoenix (Pete Loran of Trixter)
6. Independence Day (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge/Michael Schenker Group)
7. Meet My Monster (Tony Mills of TNT/x-Shy)
8. Praying for a Miracle (Ted Poley of Danger Danger)
9. Fade (Jamie Rowe of Guardian)
10. Bullet, Train, Breakdown (Jaime St.James of Warrant/Black n’ Blue)
11. Addiction (Jani Lane)
12. Wake the Dead (Ez Gomer of Jet Circus & Tony Carey of Rainbow)
13. Snake Eat Snake (David Raymond Reeves of Neon Cross)
14. A Little Bit of Love (Mark & Shannon Hovland of Hovland)

GUEST MUSICIANS: Jerry Dixon (Warrant), Kevin Chalfant, Tommy Denander, Jack Frost, Charlie Calv, Don Webster (Neon Cross), Nikki Dimage (Line Of Fire), Dale Toth … plus many others!

To mark the release LNJ has totally revamped their website, ( and for a limited time (starting 7-02-07) you can pre-order “I-Day” for $8.99 and this includes free shipping. The site all so features a new interview and two sample Mp3’s off the new CD. If you still want to hear more you can listen to two full versions at the bands myspace page ( including the new Pete Loran track. LNJ would like to thank you for your continued support and please help get the word out about this record! The record will be handled in North America by LNJ Records and in South America by Silent Music Records.

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