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July 3, 2007

Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of Aussie hard rockers, Airbourne.

Forming a genuine brand of fist-pumping, beer-slinging rock ‘n’ roll, Airbourne have established a respectable name for themselves in their native country. Although still very young, the band sonically tears pages from the bible of anthemic rock of the 70’s and 80’s, taking us back to a time where music was loud, fiercely genuine and hook laden. Their dynamic and energetic live performances offer a much-needed cure for the downtrodden vibe of popular music. Much like their forefathers, Airbourne offers nothing but a good time! Airbourne is: brothers Joel O’Keeffe (vocals/lead guitar) and Ryan O’Keeffe (drums), David Roads (guitar) and Justin Street (bass).

Forming out of the musical connection of two brothers, Airbourne was conceived by Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe, and was vested in their mutual love for bands such as Rose Tattoo, Van Halen, Motorhead, AC/DC and The Angels. Later joined by David Roads and Justin Street, the quartet set out to make straightforward rock ‘n’ roll, complete with catchy choruses, decadent themes and the driving rhythm to match.

“It’s hard to explain,” vocalist/guitarist Joel O’Keeffe states, “but that’s what I always wanted to hear: straight-ahead Aussie pub rock.” The resulting product was a stripped down approach to rock with song titles to match the party oriented sentiment. Investing time and money for the love of the music, the band spent years working the local circuit, eventually graduating to national tours and exposure. Years of hard work paid off, catching the attention of music fans throughout Australia and the world.

Roadrunner senior VP of A&R, Ron Burman, instantly fell in love with “their brand of anthemic, catchy, hard rock-n-roll.” He states, “I am so excited that we signed Airbourne. They are a young, fists in the air, high energy, in-your-face type of hard rock band. I saw them play a few times in Austin at South By Southwest and they blew me away.”

Sharing national stages with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Motley Crue and The Living End, the band has honed in on its performance Zen. A live show is sure to include bursting energy, rowdy crowds singing their hearts out and free-flowing beer. “We always go on-stage and try to prove a point,” O’Keeffe directs, “about how GOOD rock ‘n’ roll is!” The band takes on the mission to spread that infectious love of rock, even performing at Australia’s biggest rock festival in 2006, Big Day Out. They are currently playing dates throughout Australia.

In June the band released Runnin’ Wild, a red-blooded collection of rallying rock anthems with undeniable choruses and feel good momentum in Australia. Scheduled to be released in the US and Europe through Roadrunner in early 2008, the album channels the endearing qualities of classic rock while breathing new life through modern production and arrangement. Boasting an all-star team, Runnin’ Wild was produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot) and mixed by Andy Wallace (Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Linkin Park). With lead tracks such as “Runnin’ Wild,” “Stand Up For Rock n Roll,” and “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,” Runnin’ Wild will be the new soundtrack to all-night partying. Airbourne have risen to the challenge and are ready to bring their authentic brand of power rock to the US in 2008!

And since we don’t expect you to wait that long to hear what we’re talking about, click HERE to sample Airbourne’s “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,” right now!

You can also learn more about the band at their official website,, and by joining their friends at

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