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July 3, 2007

So many times you will read, “Sorry for the inconvenience” , or “due to circumstances beyond our control”, and you say to yourself, “Now what, did they not pay their bill?” or “What’s wrong with the computer now?”

Well I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with your PC and the inconvenience is solely on our part.

I promised everyone a CD and you all lined up like the faithful to buy it which in today’s days and age is an honor, for any artist. And for that I am very grateful. But as fate would have it, we have met with an unfortunate glitch and of course, you, the faithful few will be delayed in receiving the new release, “vanity” for another two weeks. I am working with th record company as we speak to correct the problem and perhaps send you guys a little bonus for waiting the extra time. (I know, you do not really have a choice) But hey, you got to give me an A for effort here for pitching you some freebies like the forever salesmen in me.

Anyway, I promise you that Vanity is coming, and you will not be disappointed. And I am doing everything possible to make it right with you guys.


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