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July 6, 2007

Shaking off the cobwebs of a 25 year slumber, BALANCE, the iconic legendary 80’s band who released such AOR masterpieces as “In For The Count” and the self titled debut, resurfaces with a vengeance.

Grammy Award winning producer / guitarist Bob Kulick whose credits read like a who’s who of Hard Rock and Metal music (Kiss, Motorhead, Wasp, Alice Cooper etc) again joins forces with one of the greatest singers of the AOR genre, former Blues Magoos, Barnaby Bye, Wiggy Bits, vocalist/ musician Peppy Castro and the other Grammy Award winning keyboardist/vocalist Doug Katsaros who has made a major mark in every musical gen re, from playing with Dee Snider and Paul Stanley to working with Elton John, Rod Stewart and even on Broadway musicals.

These super talents announce the return of BALANCE with a 12 song cd of ALL new material to be released on Frontiers Records in the coming months.

“It’s my second childhood. I get to relive the glory of Balance from a more relaxed perspective” says Castro, and Katsaros feels the same: “To me it feels much more relaxed, we can simply make cool music, without the concerns normally associated with making a record – we are all at such a high plateau in our current situations, I actually think it allows us to be more at ease, less stressed, and the music reflects that”.

“After the demise/breakup of the band in 1983”, says Kulick, “I toured the world as a lead guitarist with various artists (Meatloaf, Paul Stanley etc.) and everywhere I’d go I’d get great comments from fans and press alike, saying how they dug BALANCE and its music.. .it always amazed me. I can’t wait for those fanatics to be satiated at last by our new cd”.

“We have a very healthy attitude” segues Castro, “The music breathes and we’ve been able to connect very well with each other. The great thing is that we are all such productive people. So there will be an abundance of material and we will edit our selves down to the best of the bunch and that will be the record”.

Recording of the yet untitled new album has commenced in Los Angeles and NY and the band are well into it now.

“Anyone who is or was ever a fan will not be dissappointed, in fact, there may finally be an international hit amongst the tunes on this new outing – we have all matured, and what’s coming out is simply fantastic! Like the best of both of our earlier records. After all nobody sings better than Peppy, nobody rocks better than Bob, and who better in America to toss around some fat synth patches than me?” concludes Katsaros.

Further info will be released in the coming weeks.

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