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July 6, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon has publicly thanked the city of Birmingham, England for paying tribute to the rock star, even though she won’t be joining her husband for his Walk Of Fame honor on Friday.

The rock matriarch claims Ozzy will be “emotional” at the induction ceremony because he’s thrilled to get an honor from the city where he grew up – and he’ll be the first celebrity to get a star on Broad Street.

She tells the Birmingham Mail newspaper, “He (Ozzy) has come an awful long way from Aston as a kid with no money and a lot of dreams to having his own star on Broad Street. This means a lot to him and he is proud. Whenever he comes to do shows in Birmingham, he is always more nervous. He is more nervous there than when he does a gig in New York. Ozzy still counts himself as a Brummie and has never denied where he came from. He is proud of his heritage and I am really, really happy for him.”

And Sharon claims her husband’s hometown honor is a bigger deal than any other accolade.

She adds, “Ozzy has got a star in Hollywood with 100 other celebrities, but he will be the first one to have this in his home town of Birmingham. That is the best thing.”

Ozzy will be joined by his son Jack and other family members for the induction ceremony.

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