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July 8, 2007

On July 2nd, Liberty N’ Justice started preselling there soon to be released CD, “Independence Day”.A few days later, LNJ received an email from one of the singers on the CD, Mark Hovland, he purchaseda 100 CD’s and asked for us to give them out to people who already purchased the CD (or who will purchase the CD) and to those who can not afford the CD but want it. We where speechless at the generosity of the Hovlands and want to thank them publicly for believing in this band and ministry.

So, between July 2nd and Aug 1st if you purchase the new LNJ CD, you may be receiving your money back and still be receiving the CD!!! If you can not afford the CD but still want it please email your request and explain your situation and we (with the Hovlands) would like to bless you with the new LNJ disk.

Liberty N’ Justice’s “Independence Day” features a wealth of talent like Jani Lane, Mark Slaughter,Kelly Keagy, Pete Loran, Jack Russell, Jamie Rowe and a host of others. The complete track listing including all the singers, and two sounclips can be found at and two complete songs can be heard at The CD is being presold for $8.99 (this includes s/h) for a limited time.

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