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July 12, 2007

That’s right Hericane Alice is back! You may remember them from MTV’s late 1980’s rotation or caught one of their concerts in LA or around the country. The band also shared the stage with the likes of Whitesnake, Skid Row, Bad English, Great White, LA Guns, and many other great rock acts. Midwesterners and LA concert goers alike were ready to welcome them to the halls of greatness when the bubble burst and “hair bands” as the bands label Atlantic put it “Were just not cool anymore”. (The label made this comment while in their stable were Led Zeppelin, Mr. Big, Badlands, Kings X just to name a few)

Time has told the story and now when compared with all of the current junk programming, the real rock and rollers are making a come back. Enter “The Alice”.

The new “Hericane Alice” or “Hurricane Alice” members have noticed a little confusion regarding the name and have decided to now be known as simply: “The Alice”. Current members agree that a break with the past is in order.

The new direction and dedication of the formerly “parked” project reflects the ambitions of its new members and sole founding member and lead singer Bruce Naumann to, “Create a whole new vibe around the intense creativity of these new badass Alice members. . . we want to take a classic format to a new and unique place”. Bruce now joins his fellow Alice members, Super J (Alias Johnny Kytee) on Bass guitar and vocals, Chris “Lakestar” Lakey on Drums and vocals, and Johnny Holiday on lead guitar and vocals for a summer festival tour. Songs are in the works for a new album this year with videos, and the potential of the new approach is overwhelming critics and audiences from coast to coast.

Don’t miss them – they rock!

Hericane Alice

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