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July 15, 2007

(PRYOR, Okla.) – It’s back to the ’80’s for thousands of rock fans right here in Oklahoma as Rocklahoma wrapped up Sunday. A total of 24 bands played throughout the weekend and organizers say they think about 110,000 people attended the first-ever event.

Fans and organizers are calling Rocklahoma a big success for everyone involved. Huge crowds showed up in Pryor for one thing: the music. But Rocklahoma isn’t just about music it’s also good for the area.

As bands take the stage and music fills the air fans like 12-year-old Kevin Langley get a chance to rock out.

Kevin says, “It’s awesome… especially Friday and Saturday with Vince Neil and Poison and Ratt. It’s awesome… because I never thought so many people would come to Pryor.”

All united by the music but from so many different places. Organizers say the turnout has been phenomenal and that they’ve sold tickets in all 50 states.

Concertgoers say they met people from places instate like Diamond, Oklahoma and many from other states like California, Michigan and New Jersey. Some say they met fans from as far away as Australia.

And all those people from all those places aren’t just listening to music they’re also pumping major money into Pryor businesses. Businesses like Pryor T Conoco where business has doubled thanks to Rocklahoma.

Conoco employee Janie Neels says, “I think that’s our biggest thing it’s like in and out… In and out… But I’ll tell you… It’s been awesome because of the crowds and the different people… We’ve really enjoyed it.”

Some say Rocklahoma is almost like a huge sporting event. And that’s why everyone from fans like Kevin to many businesses can’t wait until rock comes back to Pryor.

Organizers say they’re already planning for next year’s Rocklahoma and it’ll be bigger and better. Tickets went on sale Saturday and already they’ve sold them to people in 27 states and Canada.

Rocklahoma isn’t the only event held at the Catch The Fever Festival Grounds in Pryor.

Organizers say they’re already also looking forward to next year’s Country Fever concert the second weekend in June.

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