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July 23, 2007

Backwash will rock on without Notter

At his own request Notter (rhythm guitars) will leave Backwash. He explains: “Nothing and nobody could ever make me give up the best thing I’ve achieved in my life so far light-heartedly. I see ruptures within the Band, that have been around a while now – they are hindering process day by day. I see no other way out of this crisis, than bringing this sacrifice. This band means by far too much to me, I can’t let my ego break it.I hope you all profit from the “brand” in future and wish that you conquer the world for me! You have all my respect and best wishes! Love you all!”

Notter will not be replaced, the four remaining Backeees will rock on!In our hearts Notter will always belong to Backwash. Notter we love you!

Notter’s last gig with Backwash will be on Friday, August 24th at the Hive club in Zurich.

Backwash tour dates:
04 Aug Rikon Bikeparty MC Survivors with Reloader
24 Aug Zurich Hive Geburtstagsparty Last show with Notter
20 Oct Pfaffikon Terra House Of Rock with Emerald
09 Nov St. Silvester BB Pub Zur Schuur
01 Dec Pratteln Z7 – Take Off w/The Delilahs, Navel, etc

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