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August 7, 2007

The debut release from FIRST ROUND KNOCKOUT has been delayed. 1RKO has gained the attention of major U.S. interest forcing the current plans to be overhauled. Currently, the first single ‘One More Time’ is being released nationwide to all major radio stations via Airplay Direct and traditional single promotional servicing. Additionally, a new street team is being assembled to assist with the major push of the band in U.S.

What can you do to help out? Contact your local ‘rock’ radio station and request ‘One More Time’ and keep requesting the track until they air it. You can also join the street team. The team will be responsible for the hi profile promotion of 1RKO in each respective area, also to lobby in bringing 1RKO to your local area and continue to build the ever growing fan base. Contact for more information.

FIRST ROUND KNOCKOUT features Simon Daniel, Brian Spang, Rich Sacco, and Derek Stephens. 1RKO features a new rock sound driven by great songs, infecious energy and great hooks. 1RKO will be available nationwide in major retail chains and also including major digital download outlets, online stores and mail order dealers.

First Round Knockout

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