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August 7, 2007

A Big F#*k Yeah! to all the hard core past, present and future RATT fans that have been coming out to the shows on the Poison/RATT “Back for More” Tour.

Pearcy say’s, “The crowds coming out are f#*kin crazy! The shows are getting crazier and better. Always a new experience everyday. Warren and I are writing new music every chance we get. Were in EP/Cellar mode right now. Writing on the bus, backstage and the hotel. were coming up with great stuff right now. As soon as we have a few weeks off anywhere stable we’ll get in a studio and start laying it down, the new music so to speak.”

The band (RATT) will stay out after the Poison/RATT summer tour doing solo dates, then Ratt n’ Roll over seas for some shows.

A big Thank You! to Evan Knoll and everyone associated with the team, one class act. And his continued support (sending the jet didn’t hurt, LOL) and the RATT fans who are coming out to see the car. Always a great time at the races. It’s about time Rock (Ratt) n’ Roll and Drag Racing take on the world, with Evan Knoll stepping up at this level with the band is an amazing experience. There’s a lot of rock fans in drag racing. Evan is one of them.

Stephen Pearcy, John Corabi and some RATT crew made an appearance at the Knoll Gas Motor Sports Park this past Fri to support the Clay Millican driven Torco Racing Fuels/Skull Gear/RATT Top Fuel Dragster.

There’s nothings like being on that starting line, right in between two top fuel cars with 8000 horse power a piece splitting your head in two and shaking your body into oblivion. Traveling at over 330 miles an hour in less than 4 1/2 seconds from a standing start is truly an awesome experience. The man himself Evan Knoll (owner of many top fuel cars at the race) took his top fuel car out for the event. The band (RATT) will also be making appearances at many more races. Go to the Skull/Torco RATT sights for info.

The new RATT DVD and CD “Tell the World” Best of… compilations are out and the band is looking forward to keeping the Ratt Attack going. Like Pearcy say’s, “Ratt n’ Roll is like drag racing. Colorful, fast, dangerous and exciting. It’s back to basics, and this is a whole new breed of RATT. It’s only going to get meaner, we’ve already been there done that. Now it’s time to finish the job”.

Thanks again to ALL The RATT Fans! Ratt n’ Roll with Evan Knoll!

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