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August 8, 2007

The Cocks will make an appearance at the Bret Michaels’ Poison/Ratt after-party next Wednesday, Aug. 15 at the Brickhouse Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll get the party started around 11:30 and then open up a jam session with members of Ratt, Poison, Vains of Jenna and Bang Tango!

Big Cock’s third album is in production and will be finished in September. It is destined to be a rock classic if you like “Back in Black”, “Van Halen I” and “Appetite for Destruction” – if you don’t, go buy the new Kelly Clarkson CD. Get ready to have your ass kicked!

We’ll host the next Club Sleaze rock ‘n roll party at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale on Friday, Sept. 28. A full Big Cock set and we’ll be debuting some new material. Do not miss this!

Real Man Video on YouTube now at 80,000 views!

XM’s The Boneyard now has Big Cock. Give Kevin Kash and Eddie Trunk a shout and tell them you love Big Cock. We’re sure they’ll understand what you mean…

-Dave, Robert, John & Colby

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