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August 16, 2007

As if news of David Lee Roth joining his former Van Halen bandmates Eddie and Alex for a reunion tour wasn’t enough, the band says that a new album may be on the way soon as well.

But first don’t call it a reunion tour. David Lee Roth considers this incarnation of Van Halen, sans original bassist Michael Anthony, a brand new band. “This is not a reunion. This is a new band,” Roth said during Monday’s press conference. “Usually when a band comes back like us it’s rockers with walkers, and this is everything but. Meet us in the future, not the past.”

Looking to the future Roth said that they are “plotting and planning” a new album. “Saving the world is (U2 singer) Bono’s job. We just want to save a hundred cities,” Roth said. “Then we want to save Europe, then we want to save Japan, Australia and … Hong Kong. Then we make an album. Lots of big dreams here, lots of ambition.”

Eddie confirmed the sentiment by adding, “We are a band and we’re gonna continue.” The “New” Van Halen will kick off their tour on September 27th in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tickets for select dates on the tour go on sale beginning this Saturday, (August 18th) through

And for those that missed the update on yesterday’s article, posted after the Day in Rock went live. The Van Halen site has since pulled the album artwork that replaced Anthony with Wolfgang and with the original artwork in their rightful place.

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