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August 16, 2007

Fin and Chris report on the progress of the new Waysted albumTHE HARSH REALITYwhich is due for release later this year, and also on Waysted’s cover versionof Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion, specially recorded for the covermount cdwhich is free with next month’s Classic Rock Magazine, and which featuresa compilation of rock songs from the movies.

Says Fin….

“Yes troops, the recording is all going better than planned.Six songs are already in the can, done and dusted.We did have to break off the recording processto let Fredster [the record producer] mix “Sweet Emotion”….We are more than pleased that we chose the ‘Smith songas there is a bit of history to it, me dismissing them in my youth as some ‘Mick’n’Keef wannabees’ until I met Pete [Way] in 1983,who turned me on to them and I’ve loved them ever since,and I think we have done it justice … We return to Geordieland next weekto put finishing touches [to The Harsh Reality]”.

And this, from Chris George, who can’t quite believehow smoothly everything is running this time round!

“First thing we’re having a meeting with Cargo/Livewire in London,next thing we’ve written a whole album’s worth of materialand now we’re almost done. As Fin said, [there are] just a few vocals to finish up.In my opinion it’s one of the best recordings I’ve been involved with.There’s some amazing songs on there, even if I do say so myself!”

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