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August 17, 2007

Los Angeles, California — Former House ofLords/Giuffria guitarist Lanny Cordola is auctioning off two guitarsand various clothing – items he obtained during his exploits in the80s.

Cordola, who is heavily involved in the production of a documentary onjazz legend John Coltrane, as well as an in-demand producer/composerin Europe, is in the process of renovating his residence and felt theneed to clean house.

“Basically, I need to make room for film editing and recordingequipment,” the guitarist stated. “It only seems fitting that I passalong some of the things I’ve amassed over the years to fans andcollectors.”

A spokesperson for Cordola added: “These are one-of-a-kind artifactsany Lanny Cordola fan will cherish. There’s the infamous 1981 IbanezDestroyer that Lanny used as a member of Mondo Cane and Giuffria. Wealso have a Fender acoustic guitar personally autographed to Lanny bythe Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson in 1989.”

The spokesperson cited various articles of clothing on the block, muchof it worn by Cordola during the 1988-89 House Of Lords tour. “There’sa really nice red leopard print motorcycle jacket that Lanny wore inthe video shoot for ‘Love Don’t Lie.’ We also have a beautiful blackstudded trench coat and leather pants he donned during the House OfLords tour.”

Additionally, Cordola is parting with two jackets and a sweater hereceived through his affiliations with Simmons Records (the recordlabel started by Gene Simmons that House Of Lords signed to), FullHouse (Cordola was a semi-regular cast member), and B.C. Rich (Cordolahad a full endorsement with the guitar maker in the late 80s).

“This is a virtual treasure trove for any Lanny Cordola fan,” thespokesperson said, adding that Cordola will authenticate and sign anyof the guitars and clothing for winning bidders. Those who wish toview the guitars and clothing, as well as ask questions and/or makeserious offers, can go to

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