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August 17, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest tour has been hit with tragedy after two fans were killed during Thursday night’s show in New Jersey. According to reports, both deaths were alcohol and drug-related.

Raymond Guarino, 26, died at Bayshore Hospital after he was resuscitated in the car park of the PNC Bank Arts Center on Thursday afternoon.

Medics have since discovered he had injested cocaine, marijuana and alcohol prior to the incident. Troopers found traces of cocaine and marijuana in his car.

And New Yorker Patrick Norris, 24, was taken to a hospital later on Thursday after he passed out during the concert. He later died of a cardiac arrest.

Authorities claim he had also injested cocaine, marijuana and alcohol before and during the show.

Police also made a number of alcohol-related arrests in the parking lot, prompting venue officials to ban drinking outside the arts center.

This began on Friday night before and after Velvet Revolver’s concert.

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