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August 17, 2007

Van Halen are back and their tickets are definitely going at 2007 prices not 1984s. The biggest reunion of the year should make a bundle for the band but non-VIP ticket prices are actually a value when compared to other artists that don’t have the excuse of a “reunion” tour to overcharge fans.

The first batch of tickets go on sale Saturday morning at 10 AM and it looks like if you want to witness David Lee Roth “Jump” back on stage with Eddie and Alex Van Halen it is going to set you back at least $60 (not counting the Ticketmaster monopoly charges). The nosebleed seats are going for $59.50, while the mid range tickets are $79.50 and the most expensive non VIP tickets will set you back $149.50 each. The top tickets are still half of what Bon Jovi are bilking fans for the best tickets to their arena run in New Jersey and $75 less than the top Police reunion ticket prices. Wait just a minute. the story changes when you consider that for this tour VIP seats require VIP prices.

If you want premium tickets to the Van Halen reunion then you better get ready to breakout the platinum card as they will run between $300 and $695. Van Halen is offering VIP packages at both the 4 Star and 5 Star level. Fans have reported that the package prices are different in different markets, so far Philly tops out at almost $700.

A $300 – $350 4 Star VIP pass will entitle you to a ticket in the first 20 rows and an unnamed “Exclusive Van Halen gift” (a collectors copy of Van Halen 1 with Wolfie replacing Michael Anthony on the cover perhaps?). $550 to $695 will get you a 5 Star VIP pass which includes “a reserved seat inside the ramp, Van Halen 5 Star souvenir laminate, Backstage tour, Pre-show party, Exclusive Van Halen gift bag, Crowd-free merchandise shopping, Parking.” a few have * exceptions and no where is a meet and greet with the band promised.

For those that think the band must be crazy for charging that much, it looks like they are laughing all the way to the bank. The first few dates where these packages have been offered are already sold out. These are the same dates where the “normal” people can buy tickets on Saturday and include Charlotte, Greensboro, Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago and Auburn Hills.

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