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August 19, 2007

Wednesday 13 will begin recording the follow up to 2006’s Fang Bang this week. Wednesday has written and plans to record 20 songs for the latest outing titled Skeletons. Tentative song titles include From Here To the Hearse, Dead Carolina, All American Massacre and Not Another Teenage Anthem.

“Im really excited about the new music, its totally and completely different than Fang Bang!!! The new music is pretty heavy and probably the most dark and personal record I have ever written.”

In other news Wednesday 13 has sent notice to Rykodisc that they have missed their window to exercise their option with Wednesday 13.

“Fang Bang has done really well and it’s without a lot of support from Rykodisc. I am not badmouthing them. The fact is, the week we signed to Rykodisc the president of the label and our a& r guy left to go to another label and then a few days later Ryko, like many labels, had more staff cuts including our publicist and radio guy. They did the best they could, given the situation.

In the past year, I have done more touring, both overseas and in the U.S., than I ever have. With the help of my booking agent, manager and the great support of the fans, we have continued to grow our audience. “

In other news, Wednesday13 has recruited former Mister Monster, Michale Graves guitarist J-Sin Trioxin ( to fill the vacant guitar slot.

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