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August 22, 2007

One of the most influential guitarists of all, member of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and song writer most responsible for selling over 80 million albums worldwide, Eddie Van Halen gets to finally live his dream of performing, recording and touring with his son, Wolfgang Van Halen. On Van Halen’s last tour in 2004, Eddie would bring his son on stage for a guitar duet on the song ‘316’ and even though many fans haven’t heard Wolfgang play bass yet, one can only imagine the sixteen year old has a sense of musical rhythm and timing few kids at his age possess. As Eddie’s brother Alex Van Halen remains behind the kit, Van Halen now more than ever is truly a family affair.

In the press conference announcing the new formation of Van Halen, which now also includes original lead vocalist David Lee Roth, Eddie talked about how excited he is to get out on the road with his son Wolfgang and his brothers.

“(Eddie Van Halen) I’m very excited to be making music with my Son, my Brother, my new brother, it’s the S***. That’s all I can say. (Roth) It feels completely natural strangely enough after this many Summers I myself am certainly more aware of it than ever, how valuable this band is to me and my history and how valuable it is to the neighborhood. To the communities that this music appeals to and it’s a lot of communities.”

Due to the obvious popular demand in tickets for the first Van Halen tour in more than 22 years with David Lee Roth as lead vocalist, concert promoter Live Nation announced their was immediate sell outs in multiple markets around the country, including Charlotte, Detroit, Toronto, Chicago and Philadelphia. The band has also announced they have added additional shows in Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington. As more shows to other markets begin to sellout, look for the band to announce more dates in North America before heading overseas for the next leg of the tour. The band also has plans of getting back into the studio to record an album of all new material with Wolfgang and David Lee Roth.

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