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August 23, 2007

XM Satellite Radio, America’s no. 1 satellite radio service (featuring 68 commercial free music channels), is assembling a small audience of friends and fans of KIX for a taping session with the artist on the afternoon of September 11, 2007 at XM’s Washington, DC broadcast studios.

The seating for this special program is extremely limited and approximately 40 people will be chosen on a “first-come, first-served” basis determined by when their email is received at XM. If you are interested and are 100% confident that you can be in Washington, DC on the afternoon of September 11, 2007, please send an email complete with your full name and contact information to Do not reply to this email!

Make sure to include KIX in the subject line of your message to or your email will not be considered.

If you wish to come with a guest – one other person only – please include that person’s name and contact information (email and cell phone nos. are important in case there is a change in schedule) as well. If you are selected to attend, you will receive an email with the exact time and further instructions. Only people who have received this email reply from XM Radio will be put on the guest list and will be able to attend.

On September 25th, Perris Records will be re-releasing the first self-titled Funny Money CD. It will be available on Perris’ web site and we’ll have some at FM shows for ya! It’s been out of print for a long time and we’re glad to be able to make it available again for your enjoyment.

We are also making ALL of our music available as DRM Free downloads from our web site. Most people don’t want the DRM copy protection that comes with songs that are bought from iTunes, so we thought we make all our music available for purchase on our web site – cheaper than iTunes, with a higher bit resolution than iTunes, (so it will sound better!) and including all the album artwork and credits with each mp3. Not that iTunes is bad but we want our iFans to have iOptions! Then you can use the music you buy however you wish, copy it to any mp3 player, any computer, share with potential new FM fans, (we like that idea!) and use YOUR music on any device you wish. Now, we understand that you can get all of our music for free if you really try (whatever you do, DON’T look for our music on Lastfm or Limewire ) but please remember, we make our living with our songs and we do appreciate your loyalty. That being said, if you really can’t afford it, then for godness sake, please send copies of everything to all your friends! Our store will have all our music available as DRM free mp3’s in the next few weeks, we’ll make an announcement when the tracks are added to our store.

Our good friend former FM guitarist Dean Cramer has a couple of new projects, his new band Goodbye Thrill has a pending CD release. Dean gave us an advance copy – it’s great stuff! Please check them out and show Dean your support. Dean is also playing with bass player extrordanaire Dave DeMarco in a band called The Name.

Have you heard the regional radio ad campaign for Champions Billiards using our song “By The Balls” – get it?

TOUR DATES – see our schedule for links and directions

08/25/07 Lewistown, PA Classic Rock Fest
09/01/07 Pittsburgh, PA RPMs Rock Club
09/08/07 Duncannon, PA Tubby’s Nite Club
09/14/07 KIX – Springfield, VA JAXX
09/15/07 KIX – Springfield, VA JAXX
09/19/07 KIX – York, PA Hardware Bar
09/21/07 KIX – Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live!
09/22/07 KIX – Hagerstown, MD The NARG – Outdoor show
09/29/07 Dundalk, MD The Black Hole Club
10/06/07 Waldorf, MD Memories
10/13/07 Westminster, MD Johanssen’s
10/20/07 York, PA Fat Daddy’s
10/27/07 Pleasant Hall, PA Pleasant Hall Vol Fire Dept.
11/03/07 Allentown, PA Sterling Rock Room
11/10/07 Clearfield, PA Club Mojo
11/17/07 Baltimore, MD Ottobar

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