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August 23, 2007

Terry Ilous/XYZ announce 20th ANNIVERSARY fall/winter tour with Sweet F.A., Iron Horse, Rodeo from VH1’s rock of love {staring bret michaels} and Chicago’s Sleight Of Hand. Special Guest The DeMarco Brothers will open select dates.

Both Terry Ilous/XYZ and Sweet F.A. are celebrating thier 20th Anniversary and we are bringing the party to your town.

Cleveland, Ohio, Terry Ilous/XYZ announce 20th anniversary fall/winter tour with special guests SWEET F.A. , Iron Horse featuring original bulletboy guitarist charlie wayne, Rodeo from Vh1’s rock of love {staring Poison frontman bret michaels} and Chicago’s own Sleight Of Hand.

“I spoke with my agent Ted Heckman of the Entertainment Group and we decided that if we were going to tour, we wanted to tour with some really great bands that either haven’t toured in a long while {which is the case for Sweet F.A. and Iron Horse} or help an up and coming band get a start”. Terry states. “So we set out and found some of the craziest Mother F&ckers around and here we are”. We added Rodeo because it just made sense, she is a wonderful person and really connects with the crowd.

“This is going to be a show..I don’t mean show in the sense of four bands playing on stage. I mean an in your face, high energy, guitar smoking, drum smashing, bass pounding , kick ass ROCK AND ROLL SHOW”, and who better to celebrate an anniversary with, then all of the above and you, Terry continues.

XYZ are an impressive hook-laden power metal band. They were considered the unofficial house band of the Los Angeles nightclub The Whiskey in the mid 80’s. With songs like “face down in the gutter” and “maggie” the band quickly gained national attention. The Band has a couple of Gold records under their belt and are gearing up for a great tour in support of their 7th CD titled “Here And Gone” which was just added to xm satelite radio.

Sweet F.A. was another effective, sleaze band to come from the late 80’s scene. Steven David DeLong (vocals), Jim Quick (Quiggins) (bass) and Tricky Lane (drums) formed the band in Indiana with the guitar duo of James Lee Thorpe and Jon Huffman (who also used the surnames of Thunder and Lightning). The Midwestern boys played their first gig on November 21, 1988, and had a major label deal a mere eleven months later. The band released two albums 89’s “Stick To Your Guns”, produced by Howard Benson in Atlanta, Georgia, which would prove to be an excellent release, with singles such as “Prince Of The City” and “Rhythm Of Action”, and eventually cracked the billboard 200 charts, something that hadn’t been done by a rock band in as many as five years. The band changed labels and in 1991, the band released their second album titled “Temptation”. Temptation was a more mature album, with songs like “Indiana Heart” and “Your Love” but also kept the good ole rocking, boozing party songs like 1800 To Kill Ya Sunrise and Badboys. The band hit the road with new bassist Defcon’s Mark Matthews and continued to play to pack venues.

IRON HORSE: The brain child of Keel Frontman Ron Keel this southern rock band has been playing to packed clubs for over 10 years touring with everyone from Poison to Shania Twain. Now fronted by Original Bulletboy guitarist Charlie Wayne this band is posied to melt your face with infectious grooves and mind blowing guitar work. Iron Horse is ready to tour in support of their 6th album “Change My Religion” which features the song by the same name co-written by Marq Torien of the Bulletboy.

Sleight Of Hand. Chicago based rock band comprised of Mike Voss, vocals- Joe Quick, guitars-Tim Hallman, bass-Ben Wegner, drums and Steve Garry guitars, just finished their debut album with producers Ted Heckman {Bulletboys, Enuff Z Nuff, Dasit, Russett Burbank} and chip z nuff of enuff z nuff at the helm. The album which breaks every genre barrier out their will hit stores late September early October.

Rodeo was an instant star when her and Poison front man Bret Michaels connected on VH1’s rock of love through their children. During the show Rodeo suffered from her seperation from her son and was excused with an invite to come back after she took care of business. Don’t wait for the reunion see her on tour now.

The tour is routed and set to criss cross the United States. Lock up your daughter, unchain you dogs and watch as this tour destroys your town.

XM SAT just picked up the new XYZ album and Terry Ilous of XYZ has been the opener the last couple of months of the Deep Purple tour performing to no less than 1500 people a night. Terry has been letting everyone know about the upcoming tour with sweet fa to a much excited crowd.

This will be a great show. Tour starts oct 25th and will last 45 days in the states before heading over seas april of next year.

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