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September 3, 2007

SHARON OSBOURNE is furious with her brother DAVID ARDEN for his sensational expose in a British tabloid this weekend (02Sep07) and is “devastated” by his betrayal, according to reports.

The rock matriarch is said to be “disappointed” at Arden’s revelations in Sunday newspaper the News of the World, in which he claims Osbourne hated her fellow The X Factor judge Simon Cowell and was briefly fired from the British talent show for her constant gay jibes.

Arden also alleges his 54-year-old sister only married husband Ozzy Osbourne to spurn his Black Sabbath bandmate Tony Iommi.

He said: “The truth is Ozzy was way down on her list. Sharon had no interest.

In fact she always referred to Ozzy as ‘the w**ker’.

“When the label was having hard times, she actually tried to get Ozzy fired.” But Osbourne has vowed to set the record straight in the second installment of her autobiography, which is due out in October (07), and a close friend of the star claims Arden only sold his story because he was so desperate for the money.

The source says, “Their dad is dead and David thinks he can do what he wants.

“Basically, he needed the cash. Now he has to wait and see what Sharon says in the book – he should be trembling with fear.” Arden and Osbourne fell out after the death of their father, music mogul Don Arden, who passed away in July (07).

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