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September 4, 2007

Suncity Records are pleased to inform that they have just released 5 new CD’s. The titles are: Slash Puppet – No Strings Attached, Fatal Charm – Looks Like Trouble, Quade – Rock In Motion, Big Guns – Stick’em Up! & Voyeur – Spanked Or Be Spanked are all now available for purchase just by clicking on the “CD Orders/Catalog” link.

Slash Puppet – No Strings Attached
Slash Puppet - No Strings Attached
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Fatal Charm – Looks Like Trouble
Fatal Charm - Looks Like Trouble
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Quade – Rock In Motion
Quade - Rock In Motion
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Big Guns – Stick’em Up!
Big Guns - Stick'em Up!
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Voyeur – Spank Or Be Spanked
Voyeur - Spank Or Be Spanked
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We have put enormous time and effort into these CD’s to make them some of the best we have released to date.. I’ve always said to the fans – “good things come to those who wait” and I think most will agree the quality of these 5 releases have come out looking and sounding better than ever.

All of us at Suncity Records thank of you for your patience and we hope you enjoy these new discs.

I know I have been promising for some time now that we will be announcing the signing of our biggest signing yet, well believe it or not, we are still finalizing the terms and conditions. Of course I will let you know as soon as I can so please be patient for the time being.

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