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September 5, 2007

The new Black ‘N Blue album is still very much on, despite many set backsdue to studio closures, label scheduling delays, and scheduling problems formembers of the band.

The good news is that “HELL YEAH” will be released. All good things areworth waiting for, and “HELL YEAH” will not disappoint. The band could haverushed the recording, but Jaime and company wanted to release a grade A product as do Z .

Jaime has sent the following message for fans…….

“Listen up rock fans!! I can’t say how much it sucks that the Black ‘NBlue “HELL YEAH” CD has taken about 400 years to be released, but ZRecords will get it out as soon as it’s finished. It’s not my fault but Iwill take the blame. There are no rules in rock my friends, but I hate thefact that I have kept you waiting. It will happen. Love, Jaime St. James”

Further news regarding the 2008 release will be posted when available at

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