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September 5, 2007

Currently the upcoming world tour had to be postponed due to some logistical reasons.

House Of Lords needed to set things back a few months as plans for the new album, and their execution took longer than anticipated.

House Of Lords WILL tour the world, but this will be probably start during spring 2008.

You can also expect a new album release from the band in 2008, the highly anticipated album successing their latest masterpiece “World Upside Down”.

I can guarantee it will all be worth the wait as we are looking into an extensive tour around the globe where you all can enjoy House Of Lords in places they’ve never been before and of course in some places we’ve been invited again.

Currently the only official confirmed show in 2007 for House Of Lords will be on Oct, 7th 2007, in Wigan , UK, as second on the bill of the ZRock 2007 fest.

Further details will be found on House Of Lord’s website

James’s website will be updated tonight or tomorrow morning.

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