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September 9, 2007

Unfortunately due to recent TV commitments and a harsh schedule that I have had to undertake, I am very sorry to announce a short delay in the release of the 2nd EP from my ‘Guitar, Bass and Drums’ collection.

It will now be released on the 21st September.

I had hoped to avoid this obviously, and up until the TV show was offered was on course to hit the date, but it was an offer to good to pass on, so it resulted in me having to juggle my time a little to fit in not only the filming, but also the FASTWAY festival dates around Europe.

However, we are in the final stages right now with the mix and mastering and I am very pleased with the results, and so rather than rush things, I want to get it right. I hope you all understand. The only real problem will be that the first few shows will not have the disc for sale and you won’t have a chance to hear the stuff before the tour, and for that please accept my personal apologies. Many thanks for your continued support and see you on the ice!

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