Kiss singer-bassist Gene Simmons told New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams that he’s been banned from any future signing events at the Borders bookstore chain. According to Simmons, Borders felt that the autograph sessions for his latest book, Sex Money Kiss, were getting too raunchy.

He told the Post, “Is it my fault women come in and lift their tops or stick their butts in my face for me to autograph? The book’s Sex Money Kiss, not the New Testament.” Simmons added, “Bookstores are quiet places…they’re not equipped for a party atmosphere. My fans aren’t swinging from chandeliers, but they’re enthusiastic and often in cleavage.”

Simmons told LAUNCH that Sex Money Kiss should be looked at as a sort of advice manual. “I’m happy to say that Sex Money Kiss offers the kind of advice you always suspected was true, but never actually heard anybody tell you to your face–which is basically that you’re a loser, and it’s time to wake up.”

The Kiss/Aerosmith concert scheduled for Virginia Beach, Virginia, this past Wednesday (September 17) was postponed due to safety and weather concerns from the threat of Hurricane Isabel. The date will be rescheduled.

The recently-released Kiss Symphony DVD entered Billboard’s Top Music Video chart at Number One. It features the band performing earlier this year in Melbourne, Australia, backed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, who play in full Kiss makeup. Meanwhile, the double-CD version of the concert will be re-released as a single disc on October 7.

Courtesy of Launch